CNY Purple Phoenix Cape

CNY Purple Phoenix Cape

  • Our Cape is soft, comfortable and gentle on your pet. 
  • Each piece is made made of high quality Silk Satin Brocade with a layer of soft interfacing.
  • The main fabric design is Chinese Phoenix on purple background and a Golden collar. A dash of lite purple bowtie enhances the overall look.
  • (The Purple Phoenix symbolises high virtue and grace. Purple symbolizes divinity and immortality and Gold symbolizes wealth and riches)
  • The cape is secured using velcro which and adjustable to fit the pet's neckline.
  • Easy to maintain. If soiled, just hand wash and lightly iron for a new and neat look. 
  • Each piece is handmade and unique. 
  • Your pet can look stylish this CNY festive season. 


Approximate sizing for each cape is: 

o    XS : Fits neckline of 23 -28cm, 
o    S  : Fits neckline of 29 - 32cm, 
o    M : Fits neckline of 33 - 38cm, 
o    L : Fits neckline of 39 - 45cm, 
o    XL : Fits neckline of 44 - 55cm,


Remarks: The layout of patterns might not be similar for every Cape due to the fabric design.