Classic Rainbox Xmas Set - Red

Classic Rainbox Xmas Set - Red

Complete set with Dog Leash, Buffering Dog Collar, Dog Seatbelt and Christmas Stocking;



  • Material: high density soft thick nylon and colorful knitted elastic band.
  • The collars are made with double-layer fabric, base layer in sturdy and durable nylon which is not easily broken, and outer layer in soft but tough elastic band to avoid strain on the dog’s neck.
  • With double-line sewing of nylon strap and elastic band together, the collar become incredibly long-lasting and comfortable.
  • Washable fabric, the collars can withstand repetitive gentle washing.



  • High quality Nylon knitted stylish elastic band.
  • Strictly selected material with better quality.With thicker double-layer design, soft elastic woven straps on top and smooth nylon band at bottom, upgraded rainbow dog leash with soft hand grip brings the comfort, endurance and tensile resistance.
  • High strength hook with strong force. It strengthens the tensile resistance in more than 300 Kgs and prevents the dog breaking away from sudden snap.
  • Humanization Design. Stainless steel D-ring is put in the hand grip to hold a pouch. You can pack dog food inside the pouch while walking the dog outside. This user-friendly design is just exclusive love for your dog.


Car Seat Belt

  • Material: high density soft thick nylon and colorful knitted elastic band Adjustable Extent:39-61cm, that can help fit to the best length for dogs in car.
  • It is combination of high density soft thick nylon and comfortable colorful knitted elastic band.
  • For attachments, there are metal classifications with closed chromeplate and four-sites fixed buckle.
  • On stiching technology, there are several crossed sewing fixings which increase the durability.
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