Profusion Bungee Leash - Sunrise

Profusion Bungee Leash - Sunrise

SKU: HD001002-07L
  • Profusion Multifunctional Leash is made of high quality Polestor that is durable and can withstand high tension;
  • The Bungee Leash is super elastic that provides shock absording that cushion sudden pulls by the dogs;
  • Leash handle is padded with soft neuprene in bright colour to provide comfortable cushioning for dog handler;
  • Leash comes with clip on buckle that can extend the size of the handle to fit the waist or over the shoulder for easy handling;
  • High quality hook that is durable and can withstand high pulling force;
  • Leash is washable and can withstand repetitive light scrubbings, making it look new everytime.
  • The Bungee Leash comes in trendy Sunrise design combine the ultimate comfort, control and protection to make your pets look stylish and attractive.

Profusion Multifunctional Leash is availble only in one size:

  • L : 210cm length, 2.5cm width, suitable for dog < 30Kg

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