Profusion Upgraded Collar - Sparkling

Profusion Upgraded Collar - Sparkling

  • HiDREAM Profusion Upgraded adjustable Sparkling pet collar made of heavy duty Polyester material with fashionable design that offers comfort, safety and durable quick release buckle.

  • Made of fasionable high quality material with metallic fittings, adjustable and highly polished. Sewed with nylon strap and elastic band together, the collar is long-lasting and comfortable. 
  • Made of washable nylon, the collar can be reuse and looks like new even after repeated light washing.
  • Different patterns wearable for all seasons that makes your lovely pets stand out and become fashion icon immediately.
  • Quick release buckle to ensure that safety of your pet in an emergency.
  • Different sizes available to suit pets with different neckline.


Comes in S, M, L with adjustable length.

  • Size S: 1.5cm wide x 25-37cm adjustable length (ideal for pets <8kg)
  • Size M: 2cm wide x 35-53cm adjustable length (ideal for pets 8kg to 15kg)
  • Size L: 2.5cm wide x 40-62cm adjustable length (ideal for pets 15kg to 30kg)

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