brings innovative products that turn feeding into a fun and interactive activity.

We believe in enrichment feeding games and activities that are fun, exciting and beneficial for digestive and mental health of your pets.

  • SPIN Bougainvillea PATS Sandown 2020 New Product Award for Best New Dog Accessories and Toys.

All products are made exclusively in the family-owned factory under ISO 9001:2015 standard, using high-quality FDA compliant materials without BPA, PVC or phthalate.

  • β€’ Perfect as a platter with any type of dry food, wet food, treats or raw diet.

    β€’ Helps in anxiety relief via licking.

    β€’ Varieties of food textures for feeding enrichment.

    β€’ Shallow design works great for cat whisker relief and flat face dog.

  • β€’ Fun and healthy interactive feeding.

    β€’ Easy assembly and upgrade with replaceable spinners.

    β€’ Each bowl can be used in tons of different ways!