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SPIN Accessories - Lick Frisbee - Blue (Medium)

SPIN Accessories - Lick Frisbee - Blue (Medium)

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The SPIN Flying Disc is a multifunctional accessory that can both be used as a flying dog toy, or a lick mat (compatible with SPIN base).

SPIN bowls encourage sniffing, licking, and problem-solving during meals, which naturally slow eating and prevent choking, bloating, and excessively fast eating.

Each bowl has a multi-functional center puzzle element that can be adjusted in height to offer variation or flip it over to create a whole new option. Each bowl has four large anti-skid rings to provide high stability.

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Recycable and sustainable

Our commitmentβ€”we focused on using sustainable recycled plastic to play a positive impact in protecting the environment. We also take measures on various aspects to reduce consumption of CO2, energy and other resources.

  • 50% Recycled Plastic

    The hard plastic used in the SPIN Accessories ranges is made with 50% recycled PCR-ABS from LG Chem - a GRS-certificated materials supplier.

  • 100% Recycable

    The recycled plastic is also fully recyclable and as safe as the virgin ABS resin, passing the human food grade standard test such as FDA & CA65.

  • Sustainable Design

    Each SPIN accessory provides a unique interactive feeding game when added to the SPIN base.

    Since we only produce the compatible functional unit and reuse the SPIN base for every new game we develop, it significantly reduces the total plastic usage and price per unit. It also reduces the overall engery used during manufactuering process.

Material Quality

- FDA: Food grade, US FDA 21 CFR 180.22 & 181.32 - Acrylonitrile monomer extraction.
- CA65-Lead & Cadmium Free

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